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General Questions

What is the lead time for items not in stock?

Items not in stock are typically available within four working weeks. However, some items may be available sooner than that.

When will I get my order?

If the goods are in stock, we aim to ship within two working days. 

Can I track my order?

This will depend on the courier used, but typically a tracking number is available on  request.

Can I speak to a real person?

Certainly, we have sales and technical advisers available during our normal office hours.

Where are your pumps manufactured?

The Finish Thompson range is manufactured in the USA.

Is the temperature rating of Finish Thompson PVDF pumps the same for both the AODD and drum pump ranges?

No, the FTI Air PVDF AODD pumps have a higher temperature rating than the PVDF drum pumps. Please see the relevant technical flyers for more information.

AODD Pumps

How do I decide which pump material to choose?

Use the chemical resistance guide in the useful info section of this website.

When should I use PVDF instead of polypropylene?

PVDF is more resistant to certain chemicals (particularly strong acids) and has a higher temperature range than polypropylene. Use the chemical resistance guide in the useful info section of this website.

chemical chart

Can I order a non-standard pump configuration for a special application?

Yes, non-standard configurations are available to order. Please contact us via email or phone with your requirements.

Are AODD pumps submersible?

Yes, but please note that the external parts may not be resistant to the liquid being pumped. Should you wish to do this, please contact us as additional system considerations are necessary.

Can AODD pumps handle liquids containing solid particles?

Yes, please see the respective technical flyer of the relevant pump model for information on maximum acceptable particle size. For high concentrations of solids we recommend considering a pump one size larger than the flow requires.

Are FTI Air AODD pumps suitable for hygienic applications?

The FTI Air AODD pumps offered on this site are not suitable for hygienic applications. However, we have a range of FDA approved FTI Air pumps available. Please contact us for details. 

Do FTI Air AODD pumps require air filter/regulators?

We recommend the use of air filter/regulators with these pumps. These are available in the accessories section of the website. 

Drum Pumps

Do I need to order the exact length of pump?

Should you wish to have the pump project above the drum or barrel you can do so. For a standard 1000 litre IBC a 40" pump is usually chosen. However, some customers would select a 48" length pump.

What tube material should I choose?

Check the chemical resistance guide in the useful info section of this website.

What is the advantage of the PF range over the EF?

The PF range can handle liquids with a higher viscosity and density. 

Do the drum pumps come with a motor?

No, motors are not included to enable the most suitable motor option to be selected. A motor is necessary to power each drum pump. Details of the various electric and air motors can be found in the motors section of this website. note that the EF and PF models use a different motor fitting. So motors are not interchangeable between ranges.

drum pump motors

Can drum pumps handle liquids with solids? 

We do not recommend using drum pumps for pumping liquids containing solids. Please contact us with details of your application before ordering. You could also consider an AODD pump as they are more tolerant of solids.

Do you need to flush out the pump after use?

We would recommend that this is done, but it depends on the liquid being pumped and your own operating procedures.

How should they be stored?

We would recommend that the pumps are stored using the appropriate mounting bracket. This enables them to be stored upright and out of the way, thus allowing them to drain and reducing the risk of damage. Details of suitable brackets can be found on accessories page of this site.

Drum pump accessories

Will a drum pump completely empty an IBC?

No, there will be a small amount of liquid left at the bottom of the container.

Can they run dry?

No! If ‘run dry’ is a requirement you should consider an AODD pump.


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